Volga Dance Academy


Classical ballet technique taught by professional instructors. A combination of French and Russian methods.


Volga Dance Academy specializes in competitive ballroom training for kids. Children will be taught the technical aspects of ballroom dancing and will be trained physically through strength and endurance exercises. Whether or not the child is dancing with a teacher or a fellow student, he/she will be fully prepared to compete on Local, National or International levels. 


Our Professional Instructors will teach the basics of Partner Dancing in a fun and uplifting environment. Balance, steps, musicality, posture, body language, eye contact and poise are emphasized and trained from the first day. These dance classes are a stepping stone towards competitive dancing, or Dancesport, and are a great confidence builder.


We teach various styles of Jazz: Lyrical, Contemporary, upbeat. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.

Our Classes


Sharp, fun, unique dance movement, with upbeat music. Including the latest dance trends.


Music classes are for those who envision themselves perfecting and performing their musical talents including singing or playing piano. We highly recommend that you consider signing up for piano, vocal, or vocal ensemble lessons. We guarantee that you will have a lot of fun while you obtain your music education, and that you will improve your individual talents during your participation in our new music program. The schedule for the new classes is flexible so that you may participate in several programs at our studio. The music program will be headed by our piano and vocal teacher, Julia Music (Soboleva). Julia is an experienced and talented teacher who has an extensive music education from the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory where she attained her Master of Music (M.M.) Degree. Piano and vocal lessons are usually taught individually; however, if you would like to learn to play together with your sibling or friend, then you may sign up for a duo lesson. Vocal Ensemble is taught as a group lesson. Kids will sing Russian and/or American popular songs. Vocal ensemble class teaches you how to sing together with your friends, and prepare to perform on a stage as a group singing in harmony. You will learn how to sing with and without a microphone, as well as learn how to sing better as an individual contributing to a group, and experience new feelings that you can do something new.​