12 Dec 2020
Upcoming Atlanta DanceSport Cup & Training Camp (January 23-24, 2021)
Register now for the upcoming Atlanta DanceSport Cup to be held on January 23, 2021 and stay for the Training Camp to follow the very next day on the 24th - right at our very own Volga Dance Center!
23 Oct 2020
Upcoming DanceSport Camp Intensive (November 14-15, 2020)
Come join us this November 14-15 for our DanceSport Camp Intensive! Welcome the legendary World Showdance Champion and World Professional Vice-Champion, Vladimir Karpov from New York, and the fiery World Showdance Championship finalists and multiple time U.S. National Vice-Champions, Igor Golovach and Michelle-Angela Blank from New Jersey alongside our very own Volga Dance Academy. It will be a packed two-days of dancing, fitness, and education that will leave you want more. There is nothing greater than getting together with such amazing people and sharing a wonderful time progressing in our sport and advancing our artistic and technical skills.